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Benefits of installing Computer Spy Software - Employee monitoring

Computer Spy software is widely used in homes, businesses and firms to monitor family members’ or employee’s computer usage, however it’s now available to anyone who wants to use it. Computer Spy software is installed onto a computer and then will keep track of everything that happens on the computer. Computer Spy software is completely […]

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What’s the Differences Between Hardware Keylogger and Keylogger Software - Employee monitoring

In short, keylogger, categorized into two main categories: software based keylogger and hardware based keylogger, can silently record every keystroke made on a computer without any notice of the computer user. All keyboard activities can be captured in stealth mode. Keystroke logging is useful for parental control, employee monitoring or any legal personal use. Software […]

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Why employee computer monitoring software? - Employee monitoring

Monitoring employee computers seems to be a hot topic for discussion among Human Resource departments and management departments. They are looking more closely at maintaining the most valuable business resources a healthy development, as well as making sure employees are working at optimum levels of efficiency. A tool has been discovered and brought on board, […]

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The Best Employee Monitoring Solution For Small Busines - Employee monitoring

Of course all small business owners know how importance of monitoring employees during working hours for the need to review employee performance, protect company assets, safeguard proprietary information, and avoid abusing company resources. In the startup stage of the small business, however, employers may feel they cannot pay the cost of constructing employee monitoring system. […]

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The Net Observer In Our Company - Employee monitoring

When we feel about staff monitoring, a couple of comments can be noticed all of the time- I’ve the authority to monitor what exactly my personal staff members really do at the office though I’m away. Even so, the actual dissenting words comes after, Effectively, gee, what solution to invade solitude!

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Security Issues - Employee monitoring

Could someone inform me a secure to use keylogger? I require a safe keylogger since I wish to really know what occurs when My spouse and i have to use it on our laptop or computer. Yet We have not a clue that in case the stable a new keylogger in addition to where you […]

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No Privacy In Workplace Any More - Employee monitoring

This started at Linkthrough, a Software Corp., with a customer complaint. A few days ago, Torres, the manager of the company, got a call from a customer. Apparently, one of the Linkthrough’ s technician Jacob was missing on the live support while their client was up against problems. “The customer complaint that the online tech […]

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Do you know what’s your man doing at work - Employee monitoring

Internet is just about the necessary application for businesses in particular This linked organizations. However advantage fits complications. Presently, the online networks as well as the online video media giving programs including Youtube . com, Metacafe or even Myspace, attract a large number of guests every single day which include those people who are indolent […]

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Spytech NetVizor 5.5 Released - Employee monitoring

Powerful Centralized Network Surveillance NetVizor 5.5 boasts many new exciting features that make network computer monitoring and surveillance an extremely easy task. Read below to check out some of NetVizor’s new key features.

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How much can NetVizor save you? - Employee monitoring

NetVizor was built with employee monitoring in mind. NetVizor allows you to keep track of what your employees are doing, when they do things, and how often. As you can probably imagine, employees often do not use all their time on the job for actual work activities. Below is our cost benefit calculator that will […]

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